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  • Conversation starters, community builders, nonconformists, and go-getters, Marketing at Insider is on a mission to tell powerful stories about how the platform we’re co-imagining with our customers is driving better brand experiences, ROI, and loyalty.

  • Go beyond conventional marketing, tap into fresh ideas, and keep an eye on the horizon for the next promised land. If you’re naturally curious and an eternal learner who wants to inspire and educate the marketers behind the growth of the world’s top brands, join our motley crew.

  • Do you thrive on finding simple and elegant solutions to complex problems? Are you passionate about sharing your inner world of creativity with other remarkable people in an energetic and playful environment? Come get your hands dirty with us.

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  • Kate Butler

    Kate Butler

    Marketers are the storytellers of every company. We share Insider's expertise, vision, and values across the globe to create positive emotional connections with customers. We combine art with business to feed the company's growth.
  • Kirsty Liu

    Kirsty Liu

    Marketing is integral to the success of any tech company. Our goal is to gain more influence and make a bigger impact by building trust with the C-suite and technical coworkers.
  • Steve George

    Steve George

    Marketing is the helping hand extended to customers, partners and prospects. It's the analytical and well-informed friend in a sea of knowledge. And it's the most experimental and fun department at Insider.

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