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  • Learn in a dynamic, fast-moving global environment. Our Finance Team combs through financial transactions spanning across 25 countries and translates them into how we’re performing and where we can grow.

  • Insider is blitzscaling aka growing really, really fast. You'll help us move into and serve a large global market and make critical decisions about our future. Close the gap between business units, dodge obstacles, and steer us in the right direction.

  • Combining conventional wisdom and your intuition, you’ll apply your mind-bending financial powers to no shortage of interesting projects. If you’re an Excel enthusiast who loves to dive deep into numbers, join our crew of passionate mathphiles.

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  • Ecem Sengul

    Ecem Sengul

    Finance & Business Support
    Roses are red, Violets are blue, You hate making payroll, We do it for you.
  • Cagri Ozkat

    Cagri Ozkat

    Finance & Business Support
    Money doesn’t buy happiness — it buys freedom. We are ensuring Insider's freedom.
  • Aysen Kargin

    Aysen Kargin

    Finance & Business Support
    It's not about having lots of money. It's about knowing how to manage it and create a story with it.

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