Become The Next Amazon:
5 Proven Strategies from the Inside


Colin Bryar

Bill Carr

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Any company can be the next Amazon. There is no single secret.
Rather, a set of principles combined with 5 scalable repeatable processes.
Join this fascinating (read: zero BS) session with Bill Carr and Colin Bryar, who held senior leadership roles at Amazon during critical moments in the company’s history.
Bill and Colin will share lessons, secrets and stories
from their time working day-to-day with Jeff Bezos
and the senior leadership team at Amazon, including:

How to turn your company
into an Growth Machine
like Amazon

What is the Working
Backwards Methodology

How to raise the talent
bar with every single hire

Why the secret to achieving breakthrough results comes from long-term thinking

Meet Colin Bryar
Meet Colin Bryar
Colin joined Amazon in 1998 – four years after its founding – and spent the next 12 years as part of Amazon’s leadership team as the company grew from a US bookseller to a global multi-category leader.

Colin served as Vice President at Amazon, and spent two years as Chief of Staff to Jeff Bezos, AKA “Jeff’s Shadow”. After Amazon, Colin and his family relocated to Singapore where he served as Chief Operating Officer RedMart, which was acquired by Alibaba.
Meet Bill Carr

Bill joined Amazon in 199 and spent more than 15 years with the company. As Vice President of Digital Media, Bill launched and managed the company’s digital music and video businesses, including Amazon Music, Prime Video and Amazon Studios.

After Amazon, Bill was an Executive in Residence with Maveron, LLC, an early-state consumer-only venture capital firm. Bill later served as Chief Operating Officer at OfferUp, the largest local mobile marketplace in the U.S.

Meet Bill Carr

Today, Colin and Bill are co-founder of Working Backwards LLC where they act as senior advisors to CEOs at a select number or B2C brands and retailers. They help leaders apply proven principles and processes which were developed at Amazon. Bill and Colin have also authored: Working Backwards: Insights, stories, and secrets from inside Amazon.

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