Twists and turns of WFH experience: changes in online consumer behavior in APAC

Worried about sustaining customer engagement through the effects of COVID-19?  APAC has seen 23% growth in online sales, 32% increase in online shopping activities according to a McKinsey research.

As many offline businesses in APAC had to slow down operations, quarantined users started relying heavily on delivery services as online shopping behaviors are changing. People are visiting websites not just to browse, but specifically to complete purchases. Compared to 2018 and 2019,  the  revenue is up across retail companies, except for APAC and MENA according to Insider’s latest Global COVID-19 Benchmarks report

In this webinar, Twists and Turns of #WFH Experience: Changes in Online Consumer Behaviour in APAC by Jack Nguyen and Jonathan Lewell will cover:

  • How consumer behavior has evolved since COVID-19 containment measures were introduced?
  • How retailers can create quick wins to capitalise on surges in digital traffic?
  • What actions APAC’s leading retailers are taking to respond to the crisis?
  • How Jack recommends online marketers do right now to improve success metrics, including sales, customer satisfaction, average order value and more?

For the past decade, Jack Nguyen, Regional Managing Director of Insider Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan has developed innovative eCommerce programs for leading brands across fashion, consumer goods, cosmetics and more. In this one-on-one deep dive interview with Insider’s, Jonathan Lewell, Senior Strategic Account Manager from Insider Thailand.  John uncovers the next-gen marketing strategies that can be used in any e-Commerce business to automated processes, improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs and grow revenue.

Meet Speakers

Jack Nguyen

Regional Managing Director of Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan


Jonathan Lewell

Senior Strategic Account Manager

Insider Thailand