Top 4 ways WFH marketers can adapt to changing shopping behaviors

Organizations project major changes in behaviour of their business customers in light of the pandemic. Marketers are heading to the digital arena to provide the best chances for survival and even business growth. As the work-from-home set up continues, the use of digital marketing is currently the main channel to address their intents and purposes.

78% of marketers expect that their business customers will delay their spending decisions, while 55% expect delays in product/service launches from business clients. Marketing and communication teams must continue to take a leading role in supporting their organization’s response.

Join our webinar with Archit Anand, CEO and Co-Founder OMNIRIO

Discussion – 20 min

💡  1. The behavioral mindset and actions towards digital transformation.
👩‍💻 2. What the current scenarios mean for marketers.
🎙️ 3. Performance benchmarks tool and techniques to acquire subscribers and re-engage customers for the next marketing activity.
👨‍💻 4. The four ways to manage remote working.