Not just another peak season

Welcome to the biggest retail, eCommerce, and mobile shopping event—well, events—of the year. It was a year full of challenges. Now eCommerce, marketing, and digital teams are driving a much larger portion of the revenue than ever in our new O(N)FFLINE world. Yet, we all know “with great power comes great responsibility.”

This is our opportunity to think even more strategically, test, iterate, and improve. To keep customer acquisition costs (CAC) lower than anyone imagined possible. And conversion rates and average order value (AOV) higher than anyone dared hope for.

Plus, this year is not like any other PEAK season as we are settling into our new normal, trying to balance fluctuating digital behaviors.

Join iBood and NA-KD to hear an insightful conversation where we’ll unwrap top tactics that will help you overcome not only challenges posed by the PEAK but also by the global crisis including.

In our 60 min discussion learn how to:

  • Go beyond email to recover lost holiday season revenue with brand new channels like WhatsApp and Facebook
  • Redesign product discovery to decrease bounce rate using individualized “stories” on your website
  • Turn first time peak season shoppers into repeat buyers with gamified experiences
  • Optimize your ad budget and CAC when CPC hits the peak with AI

This is our make-or-break moment. When we get the chance to see what we’re really made of. What we’re capable of. How well we’ve prepared.

This is our chance to achieve the greatest revenue wins of the year.

And we need it more than ever.

Meet Speakers

Ludovic Moulard

Head of expertise - Analytics & CRO


Lukas Jorissen

Chief Marketing Officer

Cagri Korkmaz

Head of Business Intelligence

Kubilay Sengun

Managing Director EU