Fix The Mobile Web Leak in Your Conversion Funnel


According to a McKinsey report, brands who don’t provide a hassle-free experience on the mobile web lose 40% of their potential customers to competitors. According to Insider’s own data, 62% of the traffic to our digital channels comes from the mobile web, yet only 20% of conversions happen on the mobile web as most visitors leave disappointed due to poor experiences.

Just fitting your desktop website to a smaller screen is not enough to offer a satisfying experience to visitors. Delivering optimal and personalized experiences is the only way to turn more mobile web traffic into conversions.

Don’t settle for mobile-responsive design.

Watch our 30 min webinar, hosted by Insider’s Country Director in Korea, Daniel Jin Woo Lee and Insider’s Marketing Director Merve Nazlioglu to learn how to:

  • Leverage world’s first exit intent technology to re-engage visitors who are about to leave your mobile site
  • Customize menu and category listing view according to each and every visitor
  • Optimize the value of each visit to your mobile website with smart recommendations
  • Display social proof to stimulate interaction, speedily
  • Tap into your mobile web conversion potential by leveraging AI and machine-learning backed real-time technologies

Think mobile web. Start delivering relevant, seamless and converting mobile experiences.

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Daniel Jin Woo Lee
Insider’s Country Director in Korea
Merve Nazlioglu
Head of Marketing