Contextualized Recommendations for the Customer-centric Marketer


Recommendations have been around for a while. At Insider, we gave them a twist with AI and Machine Learning based technologies. Now, we’re redefining recommendations once again, with our new AI-backed Smart Recommender.

Did you know that users browsing for ‘laptop bags’ always use thematic search queries like ‘laptop 14” or ‘laptop sleeve’; and every one of them has a unique preference. What if you could capitalize on these individualistic preferences?

In this webinar Caglar Icer, our Head of Predictive Business Unit and Srikant Kotapalli, our Product Evangelist will deep dive into how you can embrace our enhanced  Smart Recommender strengthened by our new AI-powered algorithms to target specific audiences across channels.

In this 30 mins on-demand webinar you’ll find out more on:

– Cross-channel recommendations for both logged in and anonymous users

– Delivering more relevant product and content recommendations

– Implementing powerful recommendation strategies that convert across channels

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Srikant Kotapalli
Director Evangelist, Insider
Caglar Icer
Head of Predictive Business Unit, Insider