How LCW increases ad effectiveness using predictive modeling

In this webinar, Insider’s PM for Predictive Technologies interviewed LCW’s eCommerce Director, Salih Yilmaz about how they use Predictive Ad Audiences to increase efficiency of their ads.

Marketers always look for a competitive edge that will transform their digital marketing strategies. For the past few years, marketers adopted adtech and invested in digital ad spend vastly. According to eMarketer, expected digital ad spend worldwide will reach $269.9 billion in 2018. However, maximizing the ROI of ad spend requires disruptive technologies that will help marketers increase ad effectiveness.

In this 30 minute webinar, attendees learned from a real success story told by LCW’s eCommerce Director, Salih Yılmaz and Insider’s PM for Predictive Technologies, Caglar Icer. Two experts came together to discuss how predictive modeling opens the door for a next-gen solution at the intersection of adtech and martech, enabling marketers to increase ad spend efficiency.

About LCW

LC Waikiki’s journey started in France in 1988. Today LC Waikiki trades in 766 stores in 36 countries, with the company’s philosophy that “Everyone Deserves to Dress Well” enabling people to enjoy accessible fashion through quality products at affordable prices.

Two industry experts discussed:

  • Why adtech is not enough?
  • How do marketers acquire satisfying ROIs from ad campaigns?
  • How do 21st century marketers increase ad spend efficiency?
  • How does LCW leverage predictive modelling and segmentation to increase ad effectiveness?
  • How do predictive technologies enable LCW in transforming their digital marketing?

Meet Speakers

Salih Yilmaz

eCommerce Director

LC Waikiki

Caglar Icer

Head of Predictive Business Unit