How Seasalt create a seamless customer experience – with Insider

Find out why Seasalt chose Insider to remove friction from the customer journey, boost engagement and conversion rates – and generate £650k+ incremental revenue in only 90 days

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About Seasalt




Fashion & Apparel

company size:

60 stores in UK & Ireland and worldwide shipping

The challenge

Reaching Digital Maturity Required A New Tech Stack

Fuelled by phenomenal growth across their ecommerce properties, the Clarins team quickly outgrew their existing tech stack. A portfolio of single-point solutions meant that valuable customer data was hidden in siloes and not able to be leveraged across the entire customer lifecycle.
Connecting customer data

A 360-degree view of the customer

Customer data doesn’t do much when it’s stuck in siloes. Clarins consolidated its tech stack of disconnected single-point solutions into a single unified solution to achieve a 360-degree view of every customer. Orchestrating personalized customer experiences start with a deep understanding of your customers.

Connecting customer data

A 360-degree view of the customer

360-degree view of a customer looks in Insider
Gamifying the customer experience

Converting new users into known customers

Returning customers

Removing friction with web personalization

Seasalt wanted to reduce the number of clicks needed as users navigate their website. They used the Insider platform to recognise a returning visitor – without them needing to log in – and pre-select the size they viewed or purchased on their last visit. 

The results of this seemingly simple personalization were remarkable – a five figure uplift in revenue and an increase in conversion rate of 9.33%.

Campaign Results

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Smarter Product Recommendations

AI-backed product recommendations

Clarins supercharged their recommendation strategy with Insider’s AI-backed recommendations product – Smart Recommender.

Clarins increased their ecommerce vital scores by personalizing product recommendations based on trending products, recently viewed items, location-based bestsellers, purchased together, and custom criteria.

Smarter Product Recommendations

AI-backed product recommendations

What’s next for Clarins?

Delivering individualized experiences on the channels customers want

Clarins are hoping to begin using Insider’s cross-channel campaign orchestration tool - Architect - to deliver a relevant, tailored and frictionless customer experience, on the channels that customers care about.
We are proud to partner with Clarins and look forward to driving even more ROI and revenue from our partnership.

One of the main reasons we picked Insider was the speed of integration, which allowed us to quickly see true ROI on our investment.

The flexibility and extensive capabilities of the platform allow the team to really innovate and deliver onsite experiences that are really relevant and engaging for our customers.

Tim Ryan
Digital Director

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