Unlocking digital growth: Insider’s year-over-year Q1 report

In our latest report, “Unlocking Digital Growth: The best insights and trends for digital marketers across the globe”, comparing data from Q1 2017 and Q1 2018, we bring together unique insights into global and regional trends, best practices to fix data-loopholes and key metrics to understand audiences worldwide, in different industries and demographics. Some of the key topics discussed are:

  • The effects of personalization as seen in numbers
  • The ever-growing (and massive) mobile penetration and its impact on other devices
  • How leading industries across regions are performing, and how embracing world-class AI-backed technologies can boost opportunities for brands across markets

You can now read these, and many more growth-nurturing insights, in our report, available for download on the link below.

So, grab your coffee, have your highlighter handy and join us on this awesome data-ride!