Insider’s COVID-19 live benchmarks

The global coronavirus pandemic and its impact on industries, communities, and the world is monumental. The world is going through a steep adaptation period and industries and businesses are forced to keep up with the situation changing on a daily basis. To help businesses assess the impact of the outbreak, we conducted an in-depth analysis of our partners’ global website data (desktop, mobile, tablet), including session activity, revenue, and conversions from 500 websites.

Discover how the website metrics are changing due to the global coronavirus pandemic by keeping a close eye on the trends daily and observing weekly changes across regions and industries.

Bookmark Insider’s COVID-19 Live Benchmarks to:

  • Track daily trends for critical KPIs: conversion rate, sessions, and revenue
  • Evaluate metrics and benchmarks by region, industry and vertical
  • Observe weekly changes to reshape your strategy and deliver COVID-sensitive customer experiences

Get your business ready for the effects of the pandemic proactively by monitoring changes in daily trends and benchmarks.