Mastering Personalization with CDXP and Cross-Channel Engagement: Laser Clinics Group and Insider Case Study

Laser Clinics Group, a leading laser hair removal and cosmetic aesthetics company with over 200 locations globally, partnered with Insider, a customer data experience platform (CDXP), to overcome challenges with fragmented data, deliver omnichannel personalization, and improve efficiency.

Key Challenges Faced by Laser Clinics Group:

  • Fragmented data across multiple platforms hindering a single customer view.
  • Inability to deliver personalised experiences across various channels (email, SMS, website, etc.).
  • Need to improve efficiency and reduce costs associated with managing multiple platforms.
  • Desire to leverage conversational commerce (chatbots) for further customer engagement.

How Insider’s CDXP Helped Laser Clinics Group:

  • Unified Customer Data Platform: Insider’s CDXP provided a central location for all customer data, enabling Laser Clinics Group to create a single customer view and move away from manual segmentation.
  • Omnichannel Personalization: Laser Clinics Group can now deliver personalised experiences across various channels based on customer data and behaviour.
  • Improved Efficiency and Reduced Costs: By consolidating data and functionalities onto one platform, Laser Clinics Group streamlined operations and reduced costs.
  • Conversational Commerce Integration: Insider’s platform allows Laser Clinics Group to explore conversational commerce opportunities through chatbots, enhancing customer engagement on their digital properties.

Benefits Achieved by Laser Clinics Group:

  • Improved Analytics and Reporting: Gain valuable insights into customer behaviour through comprehensive dashboards.
  • Global Scalability: The platform can handle the complexities of a global business with diverse needs.
  • Streamlined Automation Performance: Improved visibility into marketing automation performance across all channels.
  • Personalised On-Site Experiences: Ability to personalise website experiences for specific customer segments based on CRM data.

Future of Conversational Commerce

The conversation concluded with insights into the emerging trend of conversational commerce. Laser Clinics Group is gearing up to explore chatbots and conversational commerce on their digital platforms, aligning with market projections of substantial revenue growth in this space.

Key Takeaways for Businesses Considering a Similar Implementation:

  • Planning is Crucial: Thoroughly plan and consider all business complexities to ensure a smooth implementation process.
  • Partnership is Key: Choose a technology provider who understands your business challenges and goals, offering ongoing support throughout the process.
  • Data Quality Matters: Anticipate challenges related to data volume and quality, potentially requiring adjustments to historical look-back periods and data merging strategies.
  • Embrace a Phased Approach: Break down the implementation into phases to allow for learnings and adjustments along the way.

About Insider

Insider is a leading CDXP that empowers businesses to connect customer data across channels, predict future behaviour with AI, and build personalised customer experiences. They offer a comprehensive platform for cross-channel marketing, personalization, and automation.

About Laser Clinics Group

Laser Clinics Group is a global leader in laser hair removal and cosmetic aesthetics with a focus on helping people feel confident. They offer a variety of medically-backed services delivered by a team of trained therapists and medical professionals.