Insider Named #1 Leader in Mobile Marketing and Personalization in G2’s Winter 2021 Report

G2 named Insider a top leader in Mobile Marketing and Personalization—for 16 consecutive quarters—with a user satisfaction score of 4.7/5.0.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 18, 2021 / — G2, a leading peer-to-peer product review site, released its Winter 21 Report naming Insider a top leader in Mobile Marketing and Personalization—for 16 consecutive quarters—with a user satisfaction score of 4.7/5.0.

Recognized across multiple categories, indexes, and regions, including Europe and the Asia Pacific, Insider has been rated the top platform for Best Results, Best Relationship, and Best Support.

Insider is trusted by more than 1000 global enterprise brands, including industry powerhouses like UNIQLO, Singapore Airlines, Unilever, Santander, Media Markt, Marks & Spencer, Estée Lauder, Samsung, Toyota, Carrefour, Burger King, Puma, GAP, Virgin, AVIS, Avon, Nissan, BBVA, IKEA, and CNN. Insider helps global brands and marketers across industries connect data from multiple channels, predict the future behavior of their customers with AI, and deliver individualized experiences on any channel. Insider has a pulse on emerging channels like WhatsApp Business and Facebook Messenger and continuously improves its platform with future-proof technologies.

“For 16 consecutive quarters, we’ve retained the winning streak and remained a top leader on G2. As we always say, nothing beats customer love and we owe our leadership entirely to our customers’ trust and their stellar reviews. As we welcome 2021, we’ve made ambitious plans to completely revamp our platform and make Insider the number #1 platform of choice for marketers worldwide,” said Hande Cilingir, Co-founder and CEO at Insider.

Leading the category with a mobile-first approach
Recognized as a top leader in the G2 Mobile Marketing Software Grid, Insider’s mobile marketing suite comes equipped with powerful personalization, engagement, and conversion features for mobile web and mobile apps.

Marketers can tackle cart abandonment, product discovery, high exit rates, and other challenges on smaller screens with proven mobile-first templates and AI-guided customer journeys.

Insider’s powerful mix of mobile marketing capabilities include:

Mobile-first personalization – Insider gives marketers the tools to design immersive experiences on the mobile web with stories. InStory, a personalized brand story builder speeds up product discovery and showcases the latest products, top content, and more. Pre-optimized and gamified templates within the platform keep engagement high and the world’s first exit intent feature for mobile helps marketers improve retention.

Mobile app push notifications and in-app messaging – Rich push notifications, geofencing, and ready-to-go in-app messaging templates allow marketers to make the most of mobile interactions and drive conversions and loyalty.

Individualized mobile experiences & AI-led recommendations – Content optimization tools tailor mobile experiences for each user and ease navigation. AI-led recommendations speed up decisions on smaller screens and improve average order value (AOV). Marketers can also run mobile experiments to test their ideas before investing in permanent changes.

Here’s what users have to say about Insider’s mobile marketing capabilities:

“Our goal was to combat user drop-off and improve retention. It was vital that we were able to increase the AOV on our mobile web. With the Insider platform, we realized we could create unique campaigns with custom experiences, and when combined with tools like exit intent the resulting experiences were remarkable.”
Head of Digital, Retail I Enterprise

“We leveraged many Insider’s features like in-app feedback and smart incentives with contextual 1:1 communication for all the users to improve retention. Those who had recently uninstalled our app were re-targeted with FB ads. […] Within a month’s time, we could see the number of apps uninstalls dropping and conversion rates rising.”
Internal Consultant, Telecommunications I Enterprise

“What we really enjoy about using Insider is their segmentation capability which helps us to engage with users in a very efficient way. The next best thing is the InStory product which greatly improves the engagement on our mobile web as these are Instagram-like stories where we can tell our customers about important things like offers, new plans, etc.”
Alexander K., eCommerce Director I Enterprise

AI-led personalization that gets at the person behind the experience
Marketers need to move beyond a soiled engagement strategy and embrace a journey-first mindset. Insider’s AI-led customer experience platform helps marketers understand the decision making and activity driving each individual’s experience and personalize their acquisition, engagement, conversion, and retention strategies with personalization that gets at the person behind the experience.

Insider’s personalization capabilities include a wide range of AI-guided predictive and behavioral segments such as ‘likelihood to purchase’, likelihood to churn’, ‘discount affinity’, and predicted ‘conversion range’ that laser focus marketers’ engagement and conversion goals.

The AI-powered recommendation engine—Smart Recommender—further powers multiple engagement strategies with automated product feeds and Instagram-like stories to deliver tailored recommendations across channels. All these features come backed with 100+ ready-to-use templates marketers can use to deliver powerful personalized experiences with proven results.

Here’s what users have to say about Insider’s personalization capabilities:

“The level of personalization we are able to achieve with Insider is quite amazing. We are able to deliver hyper-personalized experiences to micro-segments of app users based on their historical and behavioral data in real-time. We are able to engage and delight our customers through 1:1 messages, product recommendations, and gamified promotions that are truly tailored to them. We feel like we know our customers better.”
eCommerce Director, Apparel & Fashion I Enterprise

“Their CRM API is one of the best that we’ve used and it allows us to manage all our data in one place. And when we combine this with Architect, another Insider product, we get one of the most advanced personalization tools in the market.”
Yalçın S, Head of eCommerce I Enterprise

“With the help of Insider’s web and mobile web capabilities combined with their smart recommendations, we started seeing great improvements in our engagement across web and mobile. Their web suite is a must-have for every marketer.”
Aleksandra B. I Enterprise