Insider announces 232% growth in Hong Kong following a series of customer wins, including Adidas, Watsons, Kiehls, and Pizza Hut

Insider, a single platform for delivering individualized, cross-channel customer experiences, today announced 232% growth the past twelve months. This news comes following notable customer wins and continued expansion among existing customers, including Adidas, Watsons, L’Oreal, and Pizza Hut.

Insider powers global brands in Hong Kong across industries like retail, eCommerce, travel and hospitality. Insider’s 232% growth in Hong Kong comes in spite of the local economy shrinking by 4.5 per cent in the third quarter last year, with Transunion predicting that the Hong Kong economy will go into recession this year. This represents a unique moment in time for Hong Kong as it charts its way back to normalcy in the face of a complex socio-economic climate.

The economic outlook and consumers’ reduced spending power have led many marketing and CX leaders to focus on consolidating tech stacks. Their mission is to reduce overlapping costs, gather revenue-driving insights otherwise lost in disconnected systems, and unlock more substantial ROI and business value from each investment. This renewed focus on driving profitable growth from CX technologies has significantly contributed to Insider’s growth in the region, given its proven ability to deliver ROI 3X faster than any other vendor (G2). 

“At Insider, we’re renowned for delivering fantastic local account management and support to our customers,” says Avery Tang, VP of Customer Success, APAC at Insider. “Our commitment is to combine local know-how with global expertise to ensure our customers receive the highest levels of customer satisfaction. This commitment was recently recognized when our team won The Gainsight Dream Team Award. G2 users also rate our ‘Quality of Support’ as 9.6/10, one of the highest scores compared to any other vendor.” says Tunc Bolluk, Managing Director at Insider.

Insider has cemented its position as the #1 leader in the Personalization and Customer Journey Orchestration. With our robust product, built specifically for marketing and eCommerce teams to deliver outstanding, growth-driving CX initiatives – we’re witnessing phenomenal interest from leading brands and retailers, we will continue to innovate and fortify our strengths to further accommodate marketers needs in the fast-changing martech landscape in Hong Kong

“Typically, our customers are looking for ways to unite and simplify their tech stack, either by moving away from single-point solutions that keep data locked up in silos or turning away from clunky cloud players that are hard to integrate,“ adds Bolluk.

Insider recently announced that it became a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) following the acquisition of Meta-verified Messaging Platform, MindBehind, and launched WhatsApp Commerce to help brands deliver end-to-end buying experiences.

Insider is a market leader for personalized omnichannel experiences receiving top marks and positioning in: The Forrester Wave for Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Gartner Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines, and IDC MarketScape Worldwide Customer Data Platforms. Insider has received over 560+ customer reviews, making them a top-rated and #1 leader in G2’s Winter 2023 Report across 6 categories, including Customer Data Platforms (CDP), Personalization Engines, Personalization Software, Mobile Marketing, Customer Journey Analytics, and E-commerce Personalization

What our customers say: 

Verified User @ Watsons

“Driving repeat purchases with cross-sell and up-sell”

What do you like best about Insider?

Getting users to convert for the first time is great, but we also wanted to drive repeat purchases on our website. We realized the best way to go about this was to engage in cross-selling and up-selling strategies. Insider’s powerful, AI-backed recommendation engine–Smart Recommender–was crucial in helping us achieve this. Based on multiple user-behavior touchpoints, the Smart Recommender delivered highly relevant recommendations to users and the results were amazing. For instance, during our 11.11 sale, we were able to see an increase of almost 25% for our conversion rate in just one week.The tool worked perfectly, so there was nothing to be disappointed about. However, because of the nature of how recommendation engines first require user behavior to start delivering relevant content, there was an initial delay before things were up to speed.

What problems is Insider solving and how is that benefiting you?

We were trying to tackle the low-engagement and dormant user challenge. With Smart Recommender we were able to engage our users to take the step from browsing to purchasing–all because they received more relevant and personalized offers.

Verified user @ I.T

“Great tool to increase traffic and AOV by enhancing UX”

What do you like best about Insider?

Management team is great that they reply promptly and is helpful in solving problems in terms of setting up all the campaigns.

Tool is brilliant in driving traffic by enhancing UX. It also provides lead generation pop-up, which is especially helpful for member acquisition.

They also provide useful suggestions/campaigns within the monthly meeting base, providing market trends/useful examples of their clients’ campaigns.

What problems is Insider solving and how is that benefiting you?

In the past, it was impossible to communicate with different onsite visitors. With the insider tool, it is possible to communicate to a specific segment by using web push notifications or to even customize their onsite experiences (I.e. banner).

Furthermore, it is up to the web developer to adjust the launch date and time for the banner. With the insider tool, it can pre-set the timer and launch it at a specific time which is helpful in minimizing delays and efforts from my web development team.

Amanda L. @ ProductPro

“Creating unique experiences for first-time visitors is made easy with Insider’s onsite optimization”

What do you like best about Insider?

We have seen a very supportive and hands-on approach to the table from Insider, they’ve taken extreme care in mapping their products to our unique challenges and thereby creating a custom solution architecture for us. Another great feature we like about Insider is their exit-intent overlay messages that are highly effective at engaging users who are about to leave the site with personalized content, helping us considerably increase our session durations and optimizing conversions.

What problems is Insider solving and how is that benefiting you?

We realized that a vital part of our goal was to focus on delivering the most relevant products to the right users when it counts. With Insider we’ve observed an immense improvement in many vital metrics, such as a healthy reduction in our cart abandonment rates, and browser abandonment rates while observing a promising uplift in conversions. Also, more than 60% of our traffic comes from new visitors, which made it imminent for us to focus on enhancing our new visitor experiences such as product discovery and re-engagement strategies which go beyond just traditional email marketing. Exit-intent was another feature that we’ve tried and liked. We’ve implemented 2 variations of this feature and our recovery rate has been 1.23% with a 101.59% uplift in conversion rates from these campaigns. We’re also impressed by Insider’s cart abandonment recovery features, which is part of their conversion suite. We’ve been able to reduce cart abandonment by as much as 8.4% while witnessing a conversion rate uplift of 181%.

Verified user in Fashion Accessories

Most effective product recommendation tool with accurate user segmentation”

What do you like best about Insider?

We’re a big fan of the flexibility and advanced scenarios that Insider’s recommendation engine offers and all of these advanced features come with easy integration and smooth implementation, the panel is also easy to use and going live with campaigns was easy. The strategy and guidance from our account managers at Insider is another valuable thing we like, they provide us all the right information in implementing effective personalization scenarios.

What problems is Insider solving and how is that benefiting you?

We were struggling with our recommendations strategy as the recommendation tool we were using before Insider was less flexible and primitive with basic recommendation ability. 

With Insider’s smart recommender, we were able to leverage AI-powered contextualized recommendations to improve engagement on our product pages. Not only that, we also generated a 10.5% uplift in conversion rates from the smart recommendations campaigns…What we wanted was a solution with a strong performance that would help us improve our key metrics like conversions, CTR, AOV, and session duration and which provided high accuracy in user segmentation. We got all of this and much more with Insider.

Looking forward to the future: 

We will continue to support our Hong Kong customers with local account management and customer success teams to provide our winning combination of global expertise paired with local know-how. 

Our product roadmap is continuing to accelerate as we develop industry-leading products that are proven to deliver more profitability, growth, and revenue for our customers. 

Our goal remains steadfast; to support our customers with their customer experience initiatives through our market-leading solutions and local strategic guidance.