Announcing Insider and Segment integration

We are excited to announce that Insider is now integrated with Segment! This opens up several possibilities to make Insider work with your current technology stack, by exchanging data through Segment. Read on to find out everything about this integration and how you can get started.

What is Segment?

Segment is a platform that helps you collect, standardize and route data to your existing tools Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Redshift and many more. It helps you simplify data collection with a single API and send it to all your destinations.  

What can you achieve with this integration?

With Insider now added as a destination to Segment’s ecosystem, you can send data from your Website and Apps to Insider and leverage it for use cases ranging from triggering journeys to personalization and more.

Trigger Journeys

Track and action on user behavior like cart abandonment, purchases etc. to trigger journeys within Insider’s Customer Journey Builder, Architect. Target users across channels like Website, Web Push and Emails using Architect.

Personalize user experience

Leverage user information passed from Segment to personalize your user experience. Think of personalized messages that include full user context like their name, age etc. and their behavior like products viewed, cart items or categories of interest.

Sync segments

Sync your first party segments into Insider. Kickstart your personalization by pushing information on your high value VIP users or your inactive customers and tailor your messaging.

Get Started

Getting your Insider integration up and running is just a matter of few minutes. Just head over to your segment account and find Insider in the destinations catalog.