Behavioral targeting meet predictions

Who’s on the verge of buying? Hunting for a discount? Primed for loyalty? AI-driven behavioral targeting lets you tailor content and recommendations across the customer lifecycle for optimal engagement and conversion on any channel.

See more ROI on Google Ads with AI

Create ads that convert with AI-generated segments. Target users with hyper-relevant messages on Google search, YouTube, Gmail, and display ads. Use performance insights to drive remarketing efforts and maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS).

Drive more impact with Facebook remarketing

Extend your reach with look-alike audiences and re-activate existing customers with Insider’s predictive segments for Facebook Ad Manager. Only target potential customers and spend your Facebook ad budget smarter with AI.

Make the most of every ad channel

Create custom ad segments based on current and predicted user behaviors. Extend your brand reach by bringing ads to third-party channels like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Yandex.

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