Built to last: Your guide to a long-lasting Black Friday

Insider’s data shows that Black Friday saw 81% increase in on-site visits across the globe, with 106.27% increase in sessions only on mobile web.

In our new eBook, we put together a collection of unique best practices that will help brands overcome the biggest challenges imposed by Black Friday, such as:

  • Shorter attention span, when customers browse multiple websites at light speed to find the best deals
  • The one-time buyer, when users make one-time purchases, never returning to the website and never making a purchase again
  • Poorly designed mobile experiences that lead to low conversion rates despite the channel’s high traffic.

Don’t wait ‘till the last minute to get ready! Deep dive into a state of the art customer experience, designed by Insider’s AI-backed and machine learning technology, to find out how to create converting experiences that last!