What the **** is WhatsApp Commerce?

Discover the benefits, best practices, and use cases behind the industry’s hottest new conversational commerce tool.

In this short (but insight packed!) ebook, we dive into how innovative, global brands are using the world’s favorite app to better engage and delight their customers.

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Everyone’s heard of WhatsApp; the platform boasts over two billion active users per month.

And yet we wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t heard of WhatsApp Commerce. Like many innovative and exciting new tools in the marketer’s wheelhouse, it could use a bit of an introduction. So in this eBook, we answer the question; what the **** is WhatsApp Commerce?! We’ll cover:

  • 8 big benefits for brands (especially marketers)
  • Best practices for using WhatsApp Commerce
  • How to ensure scalability and speed
  • Big-name brand use cases and examples

Download today to find out how WhatsApp Commerce can level up your business.

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