The ultimate digital growth guide for electronics marketers

The global consumer electronics industry has seen unprecedented global growth—of up to $1.3 trillion per year per IBISWorld. The question is, how long can this keep up? 

The answer? For many product categories we’re already seeing market saturation, price competition, and dwindling profit margins. Staying the same is not an option—for your company, product offerings, and your marketing.

Just as how preferences for devices have evolved tremendously, in keeping with rapidly changing emerging technologies, how buyers engage with consumer electronics brand websites, mobile apps, ads, and presences on other outreach channels today will look very different than how they’ll interact with companies in the years to come. 

Not every consumer electronics company is going to create the smartphone that will change society forever. 

But every business in the industry has the power to recognize the powerful forces currently at play—and take action to meet consumer demands. 

That’s why we’ve put this eBook together, with an in-depth overview of the top five challenges marketers in the electronics industry are facing—

  1. Attracting high-value customers in a competitive marketplace—without driving up advertising costs
  2. Improving discovery, product comparison, and navigation—to speed up the path to purchase
  3. Shortening the purchase lifecycle—with real-time customer journey mapping and cutting-edge cart abandonment recovery strategies 
  4. Getting smarter at selling to existing customers—to fuel overall business growth
  5. Keeping your hard-earned customers engaged for the long-term KPIs—decreasing app uninstalls and churn, increasing retention

…and 7 creative strategies for improving the electronics industry’s essential KPIs—including conversion rate, repeat purchases, customer lifetime value and more.