The conversion rate optimization (CRO) guide for marketers

The Strategies, Best Practices, and Tools You Need for Cross-Channel CRO in 2020

Every marketer’s dream is to reach, acquire, and engage customers in the most efficient—that is budget-friendly—way possible. The reality is, however, that customer acquisition costs (CAC) are rising. Not only that, there’s a challenging trend emerging with conversion rates as well. 

According to our Q3 2019 Global Digital Benchmarks report, Global conversion rates dropped by 2% in Q3 2019, compared to Q3 2018, across industries and devices. Now it’s not only more expensive to attract people, but it’s more difficult to convince and convert customers through the final steps of the marketing funnel.

Read on this three-part guide and see what it takes to optimize your ads, website (mobile and desktop), apps, push notifications, messaging channels, and more to increase conversions and improve your overall conversion rates.

Part 1: Conversions, Conversion Rate, and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO),
Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Part 2: Optimizing for Conversions, CRO Checklists

Part 3: 51 Tools for Cross-Channel CRO