The Complete Guide to Customer Data Platforms

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In the past couple of years, the customer data platform (CDP) has been the most anticipated platform for data-driven marketers striving to deliver best-in-class multichannel customer experiences. Today, CDPs are addressing a pressing issue for marketers: the ever-increasing fragmentation of customer data.

Most companies need to assemble data from various sources in a manner that is cost-intensive, ineffective and tedious to say the least. Therefore, most known brands in the market are looking for a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that could mitigate these issues and provide them with a consolidated and holistic view of customer data.

In our complete guide to Customer Data Platforms, you’ll be able to streamline your selection process by garnering clarification towards the major role of a CDP in your day-to-day life, its abilities, key features and its role in your organization. You’ll also find answers to:

  • Are CDPs truly the unicorn that marketers have been searching for all these years?
  • Are CDPs similar to existing marketing platforms?
  • Can a CDP replace a business’ existing marketing systems?
  • When is an organization ready to adopt a CDP?

Download our guide to get a solid overview of what’s available in the CDP realm and how to move forward in selecting the CDP that’s right for you.