The complete guide to customer data platforms

Are you considering a CDP? Decisions. Decisions. How do you pick the right one for your business needs? Whom should you pull into the decision-making process? Not to worry, our guide to customer data platforms, walks you through it all.

In fact, customer data platforms are gaining positive traction. Because marketers know that to deliver seamless customer experiences, they need actionable data. CDPs enable them to tap into that data. Not only that customer data platforms can level up existing technology stack investments. In other words, CDPs don’t only benefit marketers.

In short, CDPs are solving a big issue for marketers: disconnected customer data.

If you’re like most companies, you probably have a patchwork of data from multiple sources. Trying to stitch together the story of what that data is telling manually is expensive, time-consuming, and short of accurate.

As a result, many companies are looking for a Customer Data Platform that can help reduce these issues and give them a consolidated view of their customers.

We wrote this guide to customer data platforms to help streamline the selection process. Too often, we’ve seen decision-makers stumbles because they missed a critical step. Or, they didn’t involve the right people.

So to avoid that, let’s look at how a CDP fits into your teams’ day-to-day life. In addition, we’ll go through key CDP capabilities, features, and the role it can play within organization. Lastly, we’ll cover how to set goals, and how a customer data platform can help you achieve them.

You’ll also find answers to:

  • Are CDPs truly the unicorn that marketers have been searching for all these years?
  • Are CDPs similar to existing marketing platforms?
  • Can a CDP replace a business’ existing marketing systems?
  • When is an organization ready to adopt a CDP?

Download our guide to customer data platforms to learn what CDPs offer and how to pick the right one for you.