Single’s Day Marketing: Proven strategies to increase traffic, sales and customer loyalty

The most lucrative eCommerce day of the year is Single’s Day. This once little known holiday has morphed into a marketing and sales behemoth. Originally created to celebrate those not in a relationship, it now caters to all those looking for a great deal on some amazing products!

Single’s Day is the new Black Friday and Cyber Monday all rolled into one. Get a leg up on the competition with creative marketing strategies to boost sales and develop a loyal customer base. 

Last year during a peak buying period, Single’s Day generated nearly 583,000 orders per second. Let’s make sure you are prepared to make the most of 11/11! 

But how do you ensure your customers see your amazing products and get the best deals? Insider’s Single’s Day marketing strategies will show you a multi-pronged approach and utilize industry leading AI technology to increase your reach, maximize your sales and take those one-time shoppers into the loyalty stratosphere. 

What’s Inside

  • Proven marketing strategies for eCommerce: Beauty & Cosmetics, Fashion & Apparel, Electronics & Tech 
  • Conversion-boosting templates and lead generation tactics to ensure sales maximization 
  • AI-backed technology that creates a personalized experience for each and every shopper
  • Guarantee that your customers see the perfect product and the best deal at every step of the buying cycle

Don’t let this Single’s Day leave you all alone!