Top 5 personalization ideas for online classifieds

6 actionable personalization scenarios. 5 min read-time.

The wave of digitalization deeply changed the way classified ads are consumed today, creating a lucrative new space for digital players. Online advertising has enjoyed double-digit annual revenue growth rates in emerging markets and reached 10% in more mature markets, as per a McKinsey study of 2015. Whether the business model is horizontal, offering ads across a wide range of categories, or vertical, offering ads under a single category, staying competitive and differentiating your brand requires innovative, user-friendly and highly tailored offerings and experiences.

In this classifieds industry-specific bytesize eBook, we introduce 6 winning personalization ideas built separately for buyers and sellers, that you can read in 5 minutes and easily put into practice. All personalization ideas are based on our experience with global classifieds ads websites, like OLX, Jobstreet, Bayt etc., and proven practices we have discovered with them.

This eBook provides marketers in the classified ads space with top 5 best practices to help them deliver highly personalized experiences and boost conversions, while driving brand loyalty and growth.