A short guide to optimizing eCommerce Average Order Value (AOV)

Most eCommerce marketers focus majorly on bringing down the customer acquisition costs and overlook the three vital eCommerce metrics—Average Order Value (AOV), Lifetime Value (LTV) and Conversion Rate (CR). 

While LTV and CR are equally important, we’ve created this guide to cover the most overlooked metric—Average Order Value (AOV). As competition becomes more fierce, eCommerce marketers need to achieve higher AOV to grow revenue and scale profits. If you are thinking about how you can effectively optimize your AOV to achieve incremental growth, read on.

In this short guide you will find out:

  1. How to effectively measure Average Order Value (AOV)
  2. 3 proven strategies that helped more than 600+ top brands optimize their AOV 
  3. Smart hacks and valuable insights to help you go beyond increasing your AOV and revenue