Save Time, Make Smarter Use of Your Data, and Deliver Individualized Customer Journeys

You want to continue to grow your opt-in database and maintain/boost high engagement rates. Your strategy is on point, but you’re finding people aren’t engaging with your emails. So what can you do?

Cross-channel customer experiences strategies can overcome the top challenges faced by Beauty CRM teams. Combine traditional email marketing with newer communications channels: web push notifications, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp Business API for greater reach and impact.

We’ve collected our four favorite, easy to implement campaigns that show how CRM teams can work smarter, not harder, to create compelling individualized experiences.

  • Nurture customer loyalty with automated replenishment reminders
  • Grow your database with gamified sign-ups
  • Implement successful cross-selling strategies to drive purchases from a second category and maximize LTV
  • Turn your “one and gone” buyers into loyal customers with multichannel journey orchestration

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