Finance Apps in 2022 – APAC Edition

Digital banking in the Asia Pacific (APAC) grew from 54% in 2027 to 88% in 2021. 

It’s not surprising given the speed and convenience of digital banking and finance apps. But despite the tremendous growth happening in the financial app space in APAC, research also found that 62% of mobile banking users wouldn’t hesitate to switch banks after a negative experience. 

So how can finance app marketers ensure they are providing the best experience to their users? What are the common things finance apps get wrong? What opportunities may you be overlooking?

In this guide, we examine the five biggest challenges facing finance app marketers and offer proven strategies on how to solve them.

Solutions to:

  • Challenge 1: Data silos and disconnected marketing 
  • Challenge 2: Impersonal experiences with irrelevant offers
  • Challenge 3: Lifecycle marketing 
  • Challenge 4: High-friction customer experiences with unclear steps
  • Challenge 5: Continuous improvement 

Download this guide to learn all about the state of financial apps in APAC and what you can do to improve banking app adoption and loyalty.