Converting conversations Volume 2: The ultimate channels guide for digital marketers: Web push

According to Insider’s global analysis of 250+ brands, conversion rates fell—across regions and devices—by almost 10% in Q4 2019 compared to the same quarter in 2018. It is every marketers’ challenge to reach and engage modern customers and it’s increasingly harder than ever to get these customers to convert. 

Improving conversions won’t happen overnight and it also won’t happen without a cross-channel strategy. In Volume Two of our series, we share how to optimize one key channel—web push. When used effectively, web push is a powerful channel for conveying quick, urgent messages that inspire action.

In Volume 2 of our series Converting Conversations: The Ultimate Channels Guide for Digital Marketers you will find:

  • 19 things about web push notifications every other marketer out there had to learn the hard way 
  • 3 templates for building your first push notification + push notification opt-in process
  • 5 most effective web push campaigns your competitors definitely don’t want you to know about (with sample templates you can use)

Dive in to start converting your conversations with web push notifications right away.