6 Key Data Insights from Lenovo and Pandora

Although data is the undeniable foundation of customer experience, having data simply isn’t enough. It’s also knowing how to use that data to drive successful marketing campaigns and tailor-made customer experiences. 

As we draw closer to a cookieless future, discover how first-party data can help you craft more relevant customer experiences and why it’s more reliable than its third-party cousin.

What you’ll learn:

  • The difference between first-party and third-party data.
  • What types of content boost conversions. 
  • How a Customer Data Platform (CDP) can help leverage customer data.

What’s inside

  • 3 key insights from the Director of eCommerce at Lenovo, Australia and New Zealand, Kirat Khara on how data can impact your marketing.
  • 3 essential tips on how to optimize your website’s traffic fast from Marcela Pantoja, Pandora’s former eCommerce Trading & Analytics Manager, ANZ

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