Send personalized emails using AI-led segments—faster

Say goodbye to spending days (or weeks) sifting through data—only to send semi-personalized emails. Reach hundreds and thousands of subscribers with personalized content and recommendations faster and more accurately with Insider’s predictive AI.

  • Likelihood to Purchase
  • Likelihood to Churn
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Discount Affinity
Engaging content in email to capture your audience's attention and increase the click-through rate
  • We love working with Insider primarily for their customer journey orchestration capabilities. We’ve removed a lot of guesswork and manual intervention when delivering individualized journeys to customers at different stages of their life cycle.

    Emirhan Emre Ecommerce Manager
  • We started using Insider’s platform as well as multichannel approach targeting our visitors on the web, mobile web and email. In a short period of time we saw an uplift in conversions on the web and in our revenue.

    Aysegul Fedar Ecommerce Performance Marketing Supervisor
  • We needed a campaign management tool and Insider fit the requirements to be able to send targeted communication to our customers. They have a very responsive team, helping us solve most of our queries.

    Ankit Agrawal Head of Customer

Missing opt-in targets? Gamify.

Underperforming email experiences are over. Tap into the power of email marketing with Insider’s gamified lead collection templates. Grow your subscriber list on the web and mobile the fun way with individually tailored incentives.

  • Gamified Templates
  • Incentivized Templates
  • Behavioral Templates
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Push Contacts to CRM

Automated emails that get opened and read

Your inbox could probably use Marie Kondo's decluttering genius—so could your customers'. Don't add to the mess. Create gorgeous, one-to-one emails that get responses. Too busy? Send automated emails based on each customer's real-time online and offline behaviors without having to lift a finger.

  • Event Triggers
  • Purchase Triggers
  • Predictive Triggers
  • Webhooks
  • Reporting API

Ingatlan achieved 6X ROI with Individualized Customer Journeys

Dynamic recommendations based on open time

Stop worrying about sending emails with the most up-to-date product and content recommendations. Insider’s AI-powered algorithms help you dynamically update recommendations based on each user’s most recent behavior at the moment they open your email.

  • Most viewed
  • Most popular
  • Trending
  • Most valuable
  • Highest discounted
  • Location-based

Stitch email seamlessly into cross-channel journeys

Email is the king of marketing channels. Why? Because you're sending messages to people who want to hear from you. But blasting out generic content won't help you hit the mark. You need to tell a single cohesive story and create individually tailored content and recommendations with email at the center of your brand's cross-channel marketing strategy—Insider makes that possible.

  • DIY Canvas
  • Offline Triggers
  • Reachability Check
  • Test Email Journeys
  • Dry Runs

Extended Features

  • Get really, really targeted with email

    Micro-segments let you target users one-to-one and bring what they know and love about your brand to them through email.

  • Cart abandonment emails that work

    Another item lingering in their carts? Lost sale, right? Nope. Send automated messages and discount offers to each user and remind them about what they’re leaving behind.

  • Explore hundreds of interactive templates

    Static emails are boring. Interactive storytelling comes to email with Insider’s drag & drop editor. Use dynamic content and RSS to automatically pull in relevant content guaranteed to make users want to hear from you.

  • Timing is everything

    Cut through the doubt with Insider's Send Time Optimization (STO) feature, which analyzes each user's behavior and picks the ideal send time for any email.

  • Scheduled and recurring emails

    From pre-scheduled to recurring and triggered emails, Insider lets you rest easy knowing your emails are already set to go. Prevent email fatigue with frequency capping to ensure your users don't hear from you too much.

  • Centralized email performance

    See how email campaigns perform and where you have room for improvement all in one easy-to-manage dashboard. Take advantage of powerful tools like spam testing, inbox preview, list cleanup, and much more.

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