Yves Rocher uplifts conversions by 4.49% with 5-star customer reviews

About Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher is a leading plant-based cosmetics and beauty brand, founded in 1959 in La Gacilly, France. Growing its own plants and manufacturing in its own factories, the high quality of Yves Rocher’s products is guaranteed. The brand has an excellent reputation among its customers, thanks to its brand loyalty strategy. With more than 1700 stores in 90 countries, Yves Rocher is also reaching customers all over the world via its online stores, including the Russian e-commerce website yvesrocher.ru.
Maximizing the ROI on Costly Affiliate Marketing Campaigns
Affiliate marketing is an effective method of driving traffic to a website. Done properly, it can provide quick results, but can also be highly costly at the same time. Converting this traffic into sales needs careful handling. Visitors from affiliate campaigns show interest in a particular product. Marketers should ensure that this specific segment is well informed about the product(s) they are searching for. Yves Rocher was successful in driving affiliate traffic to their website but had difficulty in turning those visitors into customers.
Visitors coming from poor performing affiliate campaigns who had spent more than 10 seconds on a product detail page. 
72% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a business more. Marketers can enhance their users’ experience on a website by creating social proof, which builds trust around their products. This is where Insider’s real-time personalization solution took the stage, helping Yves Rocher increase customer engagement and conversion rates by promoting only the best comments about the product being searched for.
Implemented Personalization
With Insider’s real-time personalization technology, a comment layer was created, showing the 5-star comments after a visitor had spent 10 seconds on a product detail page. The system detected the negative comments and showed customers only the best ones. The product review was displayed on the screen for 15 seconds and the performance of the campaign was measured with A/B testing.


As a result of Insider’s successful campaign, millions of rubles were optimized and impressive numbers were achieved. Conversion uplift rate was measured at 4.49%.

“With Insider, we are able to present our visitors relevant experiences based on their needs and guide customers through the sales funnel. We no longer theorize about what would work best, instead we automatically test the impact of each personalization, as well as strategize and act on critical decisions in real-time.”

Lyubov Ryzhkova

Digital and eCommerce Director

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