How Puma boosts conversion rates with holiday-themed gamification

About Puma

German-based Puma is the third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. The company has over 120 stores worldwide and their distinctive logo is often seen on professional athletes competing at the highest level. Anybody with a passing interest in sport is familiar with the brand.
Fighting Back Cart Abandonment

Puma wanted to drive sales on mobile devices in its chosen market and saw the Halloween festival as an opportunity to try something new with a view to increasing conversions. Insider was approached to provide the sport giant with better tools to uplift mobile conversions.

Leveraging Halloween and Gamified Incentives

At first glance, navigation was easy and the check out system was an intuitive process on the mobile site. Upselling strategies had been utilized before and the category pages were well structured.

Smart incentive management was underused, leaving room for improvement. Coupons are always a winner, but Puma decided to go beyond a standard coupon to drive conversions.

Puma sent out a scratch-to-win countdown timer coupon  to visitors playing and browsing on the mobile web. The coupon was Halloween themed and when it was scratched, their discount was revealed. Popular characters from the Halloween parade such as Dracula, Pumpkin Head, and others were used to make the game more appealing.

The discount offered to customers varied from 10% to 20%, depending on their luck, and it could be retrieved once they paid for their order.


Conversion rates for Halloween increased significantly, resulting in an uplift that was unmatched if compared to the rest of October. Average order value (AOV) from Puma’s mobile conversions dropped as well, as a result of the discount. Customers who were fortunate enough to win ‘Dracula’, the character that represented a 20% discount, generated the best conversions.

Coupons often boost sales both in the online sphere and on the high street. However, Puma’s success story shows that, with creative application, further interest and repeat purchases can be leveraged to engage and retain customers. 

“After various meetings, Insider’s account manager provided Puma with best-practices, an industry specific know-how that was instrumental in designing the mobile web scenario. Insider has showed us that with smart and personalized incentive management, we can boost engagement and revenue significantly. We were astonished at our conversion uplift by simply leveraging the Halloween theme and gamified experiences.”

Vasiliy Mishin

Head of eCommerce, Puma Russia

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