Men’s Grooming Brand Horace increases conversions and product discoverability with Insider

Horace selected Insider to personalize the customer journey and help every man find the right grooming products for their skin type. With powerful testing capabilities and a mobile-first approach, Horace has achieved growth against their main KPIs and ecommerce revenue.


Return on Investment in less than 12 months


new subscribers gathered through rich web-push notifications


conversion rate uplift using Social Proof

About Horace

Natural grooming for all men. At Horace, their natural products are co-created with their customers. Horace hears what is needed – then formulates the treatment. No-frill formulas focus on effective and reliably sourced ingredients that are effective. That is why their products are reliable, easy to use.

Reach customers when it counts

Horace use dynamic web push notifications to engage with customers even when they are offsite with individually tailored, perfectly timed web push notifications.

From stock alerts, items left in carts, to replenishment reminders – with dynamic messages Horace has increased engagement and conversions.

Increase product discovery for mobile users

Attention spans are short. Especially on mobile. With InStory, Horace capture their visitors’ imagination with an immersive full-screen experience.

Each snackable story is personalized based on a visitor’s purchase history, real-time behavior, and predicted actions – to help every user find what they’re looking for.

Highlight relevant reviews to reassure visitors

Using Insider, Horace was able to implement advanced Social Proof techniques to increase conversion rates.

By highlighting relevant reviews on the Product Detail Page, browsers feel confident and reassured try a new product and complete their purchase.

360 cross-channel approach

Horace is able to recognize individual consumers across multiple channels and engage them with relevant and consistent messaging as part of a seamless experience.

Horace have created a customer experience built for higher engagement and conversions by tailoring moments to each unique visitors’ needs and interests – without IT support.

“We wanted to customize the customer journey in a way that could be personalized for every touchpoint…With Insider we have been able to increase our main KPIs like conversion rate and revenue. The Insider team is working with us as a real partner to [help us] increase our KPIs and achieve our targets. “

Kim Mazzilli


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