Chemist Warehouse increases conversion rate by 85% with web push notifications

We saved time with web push automation and behavioral triggers. As with all our Insider campaigns, we've improved our conversion rate and increased our revenue.


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About Chemist Warehouse

Chemist Warehouse Group is Australia’s largest pharmacy retailer, with over 300 stores across Australia. Chemist Warehouse’s marketing efforts are unmistakably bold and promote discounted prices for pharmaceutical goods, fragrances and healthcare products.
Opening New Channels to Reach Customers

Chemist Warehouse has been rapidly expanding its physical presence and sought a new channel to further engage its customers digitally. The pharma-retailer looked to replicate the “in your face” feel of their physical brochure offers that brought customers in-store to their digital touchpoints.
As such, Digital Performance and Experience Manager, Paco Albie decided to implement Insider’s web push technology to increase digital traffic and boost conversions. Thanks to Insider’s dynamic segmentation capabilities, the results have been nothing short of amazing.

Unleashing Off-site Conversion Potential with Web Push Notifications

The Web Push application of Insider’s Growth Management Platform (GMP) enables Chemist Warehouse to send personalised notifications directly to customer desktops and mobile home screens, creating an entirely new marketing channel and unleashing off-site conversion potential.

For example, one of the many features of Insider’s web push product is Browser Abandonment Push. It delivers personalized and dynamic notifications that feature details and a photo of last viewed products, along with a personalised offer to re-engage users and entice them to purchase.

Getting Started With a New Technology Partner Takes Time, Right?

Chemist Warehouse was eager to get started, however, the team knew that the technology integration process often takes time and can be difficult to manage unless you purchase additional support packages.
Insider’s customer care team quickly put any fears to rest, integrating Growth Management Platform (GMP) in less than a week and providing continuous support from their office here in Sydney.

85% Conversion Rate Uplift

Insider’s web push suite enabled Chemist Warehouse to provide timely and personalized messages to their visitors almost immediately.
Within the first month of using the Web Push component of Insider’s Growth Management Platform, Chemist Warehouse had experienced extraordinary results.
By dynamically segregating their audiences and delivering tailored messages over a new channel, Chemist Warehouse experienced an amazing 85% uplift in online conversions and a staggering increase in digital revenue.

“Not only have we turned site visitors into customers, we have also been able to increase loyalty thanks to Insider’s web push product. As a result, our sales have increased substantially. Thanks to web push automation and behavioural triggers for offers, we saved time. As with all of our Insider campaigns, we have improved our conversion rate and increased our revenue.”

Paco Albie

Digital Performance and Experience Manager

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