Burger King achieves a 25% higher conversion rate than the industry average

Using these features, we were able to significantly improve our Average Order Value, CTRs, and conversion rate in just two months.


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About Burger King

With over 11 million people visiting a BURGER KING® store, globally, the fast-food hamburger chain is the second largest in the world. Founded in 1954, Burger King operates in almost every country in the Western Hemisphere, and most of Europe and East Asia. Burger King’s success comes on the back of its growth rate (2%) which is higher than its competitors’ which is only 0.5%.

Insider’s web suite delivers engagement and improves AOV

Burger King (BK) wanted to improve their Average Order Value (AOV) from their website and realized that cross-selling items was the key to achieving this. Burger King was looking for a platform that would enable them to proactively promote relevant items to buyers (cross-selling) across their web and mobile web channels and engage website visitors at the same time with attractive content highlights that would motivate them on their path to purchase.

Working alongside Insider’s Account Manager, Burger King started using Web Push Notifications and Banner Management to improve cross-selling engagement. Users who already had items in their cart were encouraged to order add-ons like soft-drinks and fries with their orders.

Web Push triggers identified users who had more than two items in their cart and promoted these add-ons through overlays. As a result, BK observed a Conversion Rate uplift which was 25% above the industry average.

Improved Conversion Rate through customized onsite engagement based on user behavior

Burger King wanted to deliver personalized onsite engagement to users based on each user’s onsite behavior—in a bid to improve key onsite metrics. They wanted a web-suite that was capable of delivering personalized web engagements.

Working together with Insider’s Account Management team, Burger King launched 11 onsite ‘banner’ campaigns that were targeted at engaging users based on their behavior. Burger King ran these campaigns across the web and mobile web, targeting users using both web push and onsite overlays.

These segmented and conversion push campaigns drove engagement across both web and mobile web resulting in a CTR of 10.04% while the industry average is only 6.7%.

Looking Ahead

Burger King will look to evaluate Insider’s Mobile Web Suite in a bid to look for innovative solutions that will assist their mobile engagement strategy. With this POC, Burger King hopes to bolster the engagement on both their web and mobile web platforms—bringing true personalization to their customers, powered by Insider’s web-solutions.

“We’re extremely happy with the results from using Insider’s web suite and web push for web and mobile web. The customization capabilities of Insider meant that we could personalize our notifications to deliver highly-relevant and individualized content to our customers. Using these features we were able to significantly improve our Average Order Value, CTRs, and Conversions in just two months.”

Dmitriy Yakovlev

Head of Marketing

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