How Toyota gets more test drive applications on mobile web

Starting from increasing test drive applications Insider helps us communicate with our visitors more effectively through every stage of the customer lifecycle.


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About Toyota

Toyota Turkey is leading the way to the future of mobility, enriching lives around the world with the safest and most responsible ways of moving people. Toyota Turkey is one of the most popular car brands according to BrandZ Report 2017.
Challenges faced to increase footfall into physical showrooms
Since a car is the second most expensive investment made by customers, a lot of time is spent on choosing the best car that suits their budget and needs. With the increasing number of competition in the automotive industry along with the information readily available on the internet, not enough customers were visiting the showrooms to choose their perfect car. Using Insider’s platform, Toyota was able to increase the number of test drive applications significantly along with building valuable customer relationships online. 
Welcoming visitors with a fully tailored homepage view on the mobile web

For Toyota Turkey, almost 29.8% of car searches begin on mobile devices, making it the prime channel for the marketers to target. With mobile devices posing a much smaller screen, the wide number of cars were clustered on the home page. It discouraged visitors from accessing offers that are most appealing to them on the mobile web.

With Insider’s visitor segmentation and layout optimization features for the mobile web, visitors were welcomed with a customized homepage view based on their interests and preferences to help suggest the perfect car models. As a result, the number of redirects to the model detail pages increased by 54%. 

Speeding up the path to test drive applications with engaging mobile web experiences

Toyota Turkey’s biggest goal was to get customers to apply for test drives along with the increase in the customer walk-ins to the showrooms to drive interaction with sales reps. Traffic was high to the mobile website yet most customers were leaving without intervention. Therefore, the brand used Insider’s platform to configure a sticky button at the bottom of each car page with the message requesting customers to sign up for a free test drive. This helped in improving the test drive requests by 17%.

Also, an exit intent pop-up was triggered every time a customer tried to leave without requesting for a test-drive. The result was exhilarating as it uplifted the test drive conversions by 166%.

Engaging customers through 1:1 personalized surveys

To get a deeper understanding of their visitors’ level of knowledge about the capabilities and features of hybrid technology and to educate them about the various features of hybrid cars, the brand designed a survey which posed questions such as: Which of the following are advantages of hybrid cars?

Once the customers engaged with the survey a 1:1 personalized pop-up was displayed with engaging messages relevant to customer feedbacks, informing them about features they weren’t aware of, such as the regenerative braking system that puts braking energy to good use by automatically charging the car battery. This resulted in a conversion of 12 – 18% by redirecting customers to the hybrid car model pages.

“Starting from increasing test drive applications to building brand loyalty Insider’s customer experience delivery platform helps us communicate with our visitors more effectively through every stage of the customer lifecycle.”

Baris Erdim

Marketing Director

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