We always hire, train-skill. Our People & Culture Team cultivates growth and inspires a fierce workforce. Over 200 Skype calls a day. 224 birthday celebrations in a year. Countless events, trainings, professional development activities, performance evaluations and culture days. That’s how our human resources team rolls. Always be recruiting is their motto. Early in the morning, they start talent mining in 15+ different languages across 20+ different regions, from Tokyo to Jakarta, from London to Sydney. It’s quite common to see a talent acquisition specialist from Germany, based in Singapore, recruiting a Japanese talent who lives in Bombay, India.

They try their hardest to make Insider the best place to work. That’s why they focus on hiring character, training skill. Care is their number one priority.

If you’re to join human resources, you will be responsible for providing strategic and tactical human resources support to an organization of 500+ amazing people.

Available positions in our People & Culture Team

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