Waking up at 6 am, listening to an audiobook as you exercise. Running a meeting with Japan in an Uber on the way to the airport, while racing to answer countless WhatsApp messages from investors, influencers and over 200 Insiders. Going straight into an investor meeting after a 15 hour flight with no sleep, and finding yourself at the 57th floor of a building watching the city at night. Getting back on the plane the next day for a team activity in London, or a family day in Jakarta. Hopping airports, breaking rules, changing the rules of the game. Again and again. Welcome to the CEO’s team.

As part of the CEO’s team, you will have a unique opportunity to understand and participate in the backstage of a globally successful startup, solving unique challenges, getting involved in investment, operational, and legal processes. While you help Insider grow, you will be also in the spotlight shaping Insider’s destiny through research, observation, and iteration. You will breathe in strategy and breathe out execution. You’ll work closely with co-founders, shareholders and department heads on impactful projects.

The CEO’s team plays a hybrid role in different contexts where they constantly maintain what we have built, explore new ideas, remain relentlessly proactive and hungry for growth.

Available positions in our CEO’s Team

Position Department Location