Focus on your actual work, not data science

Let deep AI and machine learning algorithms take care of the data science. Rely on advanced predictive algorithms to mine through logged in and anonymous visitor data, creating ready-to-use predictive segments in real-time. Focus on taking data-backed actions and deliver high-performing advertisements based on the future behavior of your visitors.

Maximize your margins by targeting discount sensitive users

Reveal discount messages only to discount sensitive buyers, knowing your visitors’ affinity toward discount rates.

Increase your ROI pushing predictive segments to Facebook, AdWords and ESPs

Deliver highly relevant ads to visitors who are more likely to convert in the next 7 days. Push your high likelihood to convert segments into ad channels such as Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Email Service Providers and other digital marketing channels to increase your ROI.

Retain your visitors with churn prediction

Increase your retention rate with personalized discounts and incentives delivered only to customers at risk.

Discover distinct clusters of audiences to deliver interest-based content

Target AI-backed lookalike clusters of visitors with matching interests to deliver highly tailored experiences based on your audience’s interests in various categories.

Deliver relevant ads at every stage of the customer lifecycle (CLC)

Don’t wait to see how your customers will behave. Leverage CLC stage-based predictive segments to engage your visitors with high-impact and relevant ads throughout their journey. Encourage visitors to become recurrent buyers, or prevent churn, knowing which customers are predicted as “under risk.”

Target visitors when they are most likely to convert

Knowing when your visitors are expected to convert, send timely and relevant messages to drive more conversions and encourage repeat purchases.

Engage your VIP and high value customers

Identify your hig value customers and give them the VIP experience to boost loyalty and customer experience now possible to differentiate your VIP and high value customers among your users

Powerful predictive model to predict any kind of conversions

Predict the likelihood of multiple conversion events for your business to drive more value from each visitor