Incremental Conversion

Short Description: Incremental conversion is the extra conversions that resulted from personalization campaigns, when compared to a control group

Long Description: Conversions are a key outcome of marketing efforts, especially for personalized-A/B testing campaigns. In A/B tests, you have an existing version called the control group and the personalization is a variation of it. Incremental conversions metric gives you the net conversions that came from personalization, over and above the control group conversion value. It’s usually expressed in numerical terms over the benchmark number.

Importance of Incremental Conversions

A/B testing helps you determine what title, content, image, video, etc works best for your audience and is particularly useful for personalized messaging to your customers. While doing A/B tests, especially for personalization campaigns, you need to know the net conversions from one particular personalization campaign versus the control group. Incremental conversions is the metric that gives you a clear picture of this value by quantifying the extra conversions from personalization against a case without any personalization.