Insider named a Cool Vendor in Multichannel Marketing by Gartner

According to the report, Insider’s Growth Management platform is cool since it “fuses marketing and advertising technology to enable multichannel campaign execution across web, mobile apps, messaging platforms, digital advertising networks and email channels.” The report also highlights that Insider “combines a foundational customer data layer with customer insights and campaign execution in a unified platform in a way that incumbent multichannel marketing hubs have struggled to do”.

AI-powered Growth Management
Platform for Marketers

Desktop Web
Personalize experiences across the funnel by optimizing layouts and leveraging templates for triggers and coupons.
Mobile Web

Deliver individualized experiences to mobile users with first-of-its-kind products like Maven, InStory and many others.

Web Push
Drive growth by bringing back anonymous users on your website with web push notifications.
Engage your mobile app users with contextual push notifications and in-app messages.
Leverage predictive audiences to boost your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and lower Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC).

Discover our messaging-first solutions for the modern marketer. Communicate with your users using WhatsApp Business API and Facebook Messenger.

Acquire subscribers, send personalized newsletters and triggered emails from an all-in-one email marketing platform.
Cross Channel

Drive more growth with the help of Insider’s AI-powered cross-channel journey builder, Architect, product recommendation engine and predictive segmentation capabilities.

Why Insider is Cool

Insider’s AI-powered Growth Management Platform helps you leverage real-time customer intelligence to personalize experiences, while driving higher conversions and lifetime value.

Personalization Across Channels
Deliver consistent experiences across web, mobile web, app, email, advertising and messaging channels.
Deliver contextualized recommendations with algorithms tailored for eCommerce, travel, media, aviation and more. Discover Smart Recommender.
Audience Segmentation
Build and target audiences based on their traits, behaviors, events, purchase data and much more.
Product Discovery
Guide your mobile web visitors to discover and buy more with AI-powered product discovery. Discover Maven and InStory.
Cross-Channel Journeys
Engage your customers across touchpoints throughout their buying journey with our AI-backed journey builder. Discover Architect.
Unified Customer Database
Integrate your first party and third party data sources to get a 360 degree view of your customers.

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Multichannel Experience to Boost Galaxy Note 9 Sales

Conversion Rate Uplift
of Total Galaxy Note 9 Sales
Conversion Rate Uplift

“Insider helped us deliver highly-tailored experiences across our digital channels and improve our conversion rates significantly, reaching as high as 275%.”

Baris Gokpinar
Chief Marketing Officer

“A Feature-Rich Platform, Helping Us Improve Online Experiences Continuously””
Digital Marketing Specialist
in Transportation Industry
“Proved To Be A Huge Factor In Creating A High Converting Online Experience””
Marketing Manager
in Luxury Brand Industry

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