Personalize with Dynamic Mobile App Content

Personalize your mobile app content based on your user behaviour and lifecycle stage. Make content changes as basic as text and font size or as extensive as changing image and CTA button. Deploy it instantly with no further development efforts or app update.

Personalize Mobile App Menu Order for Better Navigation

Quickly change the order of your hamburger menu based on user preferences and on-site behaviour. Re-order the menu items and make it easier for them to find what they need and convert.

Welcome Each Visitor with a Personalized Homepage Slider

Leverage the most crucial real estate on your mobile app by optimizing your homepage sliders. Target much efficiently by showing different sliders to the different set of audiences.

Test Multiple App Page Layouts

Try multiple layouts for your mobile app pages and narrow down to the one that converts the best. Re-arrange key elements like image, title, description, CTA and so on.

Optimize your Mobile App with Live Variables

Control any element or functionality of your mobile app easily by defining those as live variables. Once configured by your developer, make alterations to these variables to test your ideas without the hassle of app updates.