Philips increases average order value by 35% with personalization

Insider’s platform capabilities are limitless, including personalization, segmentation, mobile campaigns, and conversion optimization.


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About Philips

Philips, the Dutch multinational conglomerate, started off as a light bulbs manufacturer, and is today a beacon of innovation in technology and healthcare. Founded in 1891, it currently employs around 74,000 people across 100 countries. Philips leverages advanced technology and deep clinical and consumer insights to deliver integrated solutions.

Building customer trust and promoting faster checkout using social proof

Philips observed that a significant percentage of its web users would add products to their cart but showed reluctance to checkout and complete their purchase. The brand wanted to implement an innovative solution that would motivate users to complete their purchase sooner while building trust and engagement.

Having understood the objectives and desired goals, Insider recommended displaying a Social Proof message on the particular product page—to those users who already had the product in their cart.

This helped to create a sense of urgency while building trust around the product. Philips observed that there was a 3.74% uplift in Average Order Value (AOV) along with conversion rates increasing by as much as 14%.

Improving key bottom of the funnel metrics on the mobile web with personalized recommendations

Philips wanted to focus on its mobile engagement particularly around delivering personalized recommendations to its mobile web users. The company also wanted to improve the conversions and AOV of its mobile users.

Working together with Insider’s Account Management team, Philips started using Insider’s AI-powered Smart Recommender. This tool is capable of delivering highly contextual product recommendations. Users on a product page are shown relevant product recommendations based on past behavioral data and user preferences.

Philips observed a conversion rate uplift of 40.11% on their mobile web and +20k€ of incremental revenue was generated from these campaigns.

Improving the AOV with free shipping progress bar

Philips realized that an engaging experience in a user’s purchase journey would optimize user experience and improve the AOV per user. They wanted to implement an innovative onsite solution that would address this challenge.

Insider’s Account Management team advised Philips to implement a Progress Bar once a user has added any item to the cart. When the value of the cart is below a certain threshold, users are shown a Progress Bar, reminding them of the current value of the cart and how much more needs to be added to become eligible for free shipping. This visible, real-time engagement improved clicks and onsite engagement.

As a result of the increased clicks, the AOV per user also increased, resulting in a 35.17% uplift in AOV.

Targeting new website visitors with personalized overlays to improve engagement

Philips wanted to start engaging new visitors to their website both on the desktop and mobile—in a bid to improve user experience, retain them and turn visitors into customers. They required an onsite engagement strategy that targeted new users.

Working closely with Insider’s Account Management team, Philips decided to integrate Coupon Code overlay for their web and mobile web engagement. New users who arrived at Philips’ website were targeted with special discount coupons on their first purchase.

These strategies resulted in improved onsite engagement of new users and a Conversion Rate uplift of 14.94% on the desktop web and uplift of 10.15% in AOV on the mobile web.

Looking Ahead

Up ahead, Philips will look to Insider’s powerful AI-backed segmentation and personalization capabilities to fuel their end-of-year campaigns targeting Black Friday, Winter & Holiday season shoppers.

The brand plans to continue optimizing the AOV metric across its onsite engagement by using Insider, with a focus on certain product categories. For 2021, Philips will look to enhance their personalization and strengthen their segmentation to deliver more individualized customer experiences. Besides, Philips will look to deliver relevant engagement strategies to various user profiles such as ‘high-spenders’, ‘discount-affinity’, through precise segmentation.

“Flexibility, personalization and performance

Insider’s platform capabilities are limitless including personalization, segmentation, mobile campaigns and conversion optimization.The tool addresses several of our challenges and has simplified the use of a complex CMS. Optimization of mobile navigation, web and mobile conversions, and being able to deliver highly impactful user journeys are some of the other benefits.It’s easy to use and allows me to execute swiftly. In the rare event that I need assistance, the team is always responsive and empathetic in their resolution. I am very proud of Philips’ partnership with Insider. Their team has been helping us deliver better and personalized user experiences to our customers.”

Anissa Bégin

Website & SEO Manager

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