Marks & Spencer increases cart recovery rate to 15.1%

Insider web push channel complements our existing tech stack, providing a new and effective way to communicate with our customers.


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About Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer (M&S) is a British value for money retailer, focused on own label businesses, including Food, Clothing & Home, in the UK and internationally. Today they operate a family of businesses, selling high-quality, great value own-brand products in the UK and in 62 countries, from 1,519 stores and 44 websites globally.

15.1% Cart Recovery Rate using Web Push Notifications

The average shopping cart abandonment rate for eCommerce hovers between 57% and 76%, meaning there is huge potential to reclaim lost revenue through cart abandonment retrieval campaigns.

M&S used Insider’s cart abandonment web push notifications to bring visitors back to site with a timely message reminding them of the items they left behind. These push notifications achieved a conversion rate of 15.1%, bringing buyers back to site and completing their purchase. This is significantly higher than the industry average of 3.33% abandoned cart email retrieval rate for the fashion industry.

These cart abandonment push notifications complement M&S’s email abandonment strategy, providing a faster, more direct communication channel for first line response. Cart abandonment notifications are M&S’s most successful web push strategy so far.

AI-powered Segmentation Combined with Classic Offers to Boost Revenue

M&S combines Insider’s web push messaging and AI-powered segmentation tools with their most successful “always on” campaigns. Insider’s Growth Management Platform tracks the category or collection that a visitor was most recently browsing but did not convert and entices them back with a timely promotion. A particularly successful example is M&S’s long running 4 pairs for 3 women’s underwear campaign, boosting lingerie conversion rates and revenue.

20% Uplift in Web Push Notification Subscribers with Native Opt-in

In order to grow their customer base further and to be able to talk to as many customers as possible via the channel, M&S decided to experiment with a move to native opt-in for web push notifications. Subscriber numbers have increased at a greater rate since the move to native opt-in, thanks to the one-step process rather than two making the process easier for M&S customers. The move has seen a 20% uplift in web push subscribers.

Up Next for Marks & Spencer and Insider: Architect Customer Journey Automation

In the near future, M&S will be using Architect, Insider’s AI-powered customer journey builder to create personalised customer journeys at scale.  

 Architect triggers a journey for a user based on their onsite behaviour, this could be browsing particular products, abandoning a cart, or based on predictive segments such as discount affinity or likelihood to purchase / churn. Architect then takes them through an automated personalised cross-channel buying journey, culminating in whatever goal is set by M&S, be that increased traffic, conversions or revenue. 

“Working with Insider has been a great process. The account management team is always really proactive and Insider web push channel complements our existing tech stack, providing a new and effective way for us to communicate with our customers. Implementation is a simple tag that you put on your site in order to go live. For many companies I can see this being a great quick win to boost traffic and conversions.”

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