Carrefour uplifts conversion rate by 350% conversion with web push notifications

Insider’s growth consultants suggested groundbreaking ideas to us, like the push-based cart recovery scenario which got us a conversion uplift of 350%.


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About Carrefour

Carrefour is a hyperlocal, multi-format and omnichannel retail group that employs more than 38,000 people in 12,300 stores worldwide. The giant group recently generated a sale worth of €88.4 billion, as well as catering to more than 13 million customers worldwide. Recently, Carrefour made headways in expanding to Taiwan and, at the same time, tapped into Insider’s platform.
Delivering Captivating Experiences with Insider

Delivering similar captivating and smooth experiences both online and offline is a massive challenge for online retailers of all sizes and shapes, and Carrefour was no exception. In order to carefully manage the performance of their physical outlets and their online store, the retail giant resorts to a full range of supporting value-driven channels and features like mobile messaging, pushes and emails.

To improve their strategies in providing digital experiences that are relevant, timely and personalized for each of their customers and visitors, Carrefour’s first step was to fully understand their visitors — their needs, preferences and online behaviors. That’s where Insider’s AI-backed Growth Management Platform came in. Insider’s technology enabled Carrefour to deliver each customer a tailored, one-of-a-kind powerful experience on their website. Thus, helping the giant pave the way to more mindful digital experiences that foster customer loyalty and return visits.

350% Conversion Rate Uplift with Cart Abandonment Web Push Notifications

Carrefour decided to explore Web Push Notifications as a new way to engage with customers who had abandoned their carts. This form of customer re-engagement feature allowed Carrefour to bring back those lost or distracted customers by providing them unique selling points about their products.

The implementation of Insider’s product resulted in an additional $11,000 in the first month and a conversion rate uplift of 350%.

Plus! 15.29% Conversion Uplift with Social Proof

Carrefour also leveraged Insider’s Social Proof messages to optimize their conversion rate, enticing their customers with highly-relevant messages highlighting how many people were interested in a given product on various pages. With such contextual feature, Carrefour was able to improve conversion rate by a whopping 15.29%!

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Insider was founded on the vision to democratize marketing and AI technologies to enable marketers around the world to orchestrate contextually relevant customer experiences across channels and devices. Insider chose AWS to build a robust, reliable, and flexible data infrastructure that would power the continuous evolution of the platform, product innovation, and customer experiences in a sustainable, agile, and scalable way.

“Insider has enabled us to implement ideas quickly and effectively, which is essential to our promise of delivering an interactive and responsive brand experience. Also, in the past few months that we have worked with Insider, we have always been able to reach out to them and communicate to resolve any issues that we come across. Insider’s growth consultants suggested groundbreaking ideas to us, like the push-based cart recovery scenario which got us a conversion uplift of 350%. We knew that Insider’s platform is a one-stop solution for all our online activities. Insider is a continuously evolving all-in-one marketing platform that allows us to access the latest technology – a great tool for anyone looking to create impactful customer experiences!”

Michael Chen (陳致傑)

E-Commerce Manager (電子商務經理)

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