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  • From globetrotting, answering Slack messages on the go, to soaking in a different city’s skyline, monotony is never on the menu for the CEO’s Team.

  • If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to be running and driving some of the most impactful initiatives making Insider the best place to work and helping our CEO work at their peak performance, you’ve come to the right place.

  • What separates great CEOs from ordinary ones is their ability to build and maintain relationships. You’ll mix and mingle with new faces and reconnect with investors, customers, and influencers who’ll introduce you to fresh ideas and trends you’ll use as fuel for daily action.

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  • Cem Kilinc

    Cem Kilinc

    CEO's Executive Office
    We are the bridge between our business and people. As CEO's Executive Office, we work hard and move fast to fill the gaps and build a breakthrough software company.
  • Caglar Icer

    Caglar Icer

    CEO's Executive Office
    We live by a mentality of excellence and a can-do attitude to continuously and tirelessly scale ourselves and others around us.

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