2x conversion rates on personalized ads

Insider’s AI engine identifies customers who are most likely to buy and creates a custom predictive segment you can use in personalized ads and in any one-to-one marketing campaign.

AI-led cross-channel experiences

Insider’s purchase predictions aren’t just for ads. Use these segments to create individually tailored landing pages, mobile web experiences, and loyalty-driving programs for VIPs. Feeling the churn burn? Use purchase predictions to retain your customers. Send web push notifications with subscription-based products, can’t-miss deals, and watch their CLV go up, up, up!

See greater ROI with AI

Tailor your owned and paid channels with razor-sharp predictive intelligence. Leverage predictions like discount affinity to show the right offer to the right user and maximize your profit.

Extended Features

Combine LTP to Other Segments

It’s powerful on its own, but when you combine likelihood to purchase with Insider’s other predictive segments your campaigns will be unstoppable.

Purchase History

Create predictive segments that analyze past purchase behaviors like AOV, purchase count,
and last purchase date.

Predict Every Behavior

Use predictive segments to optimize and personalize every step of the user journey: churn, lifetime value, purchase behavior, and so much more...

Interest Clusters

Insider’s pre-built interest clusters give you the tools to fine-tune your ads and expand your audience with segments like gamers, tech lovers, home appliance shoppers, and anything else you can imagine.

Purchase Journeys

Together, likelihood to purchase segments and Architect, our one-to-one journey orchestration tool, help you build seamless purchase journeys for each user with a faster time to value.

More Channel Reachability

Architect, our AI-backed journey orchestration tool, shows your where you can reach your users and targets them on the next best channel automatically based on how they interact with your messages.

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