Top of the Funnel

Top of the funnel refers to the marketing activities carried out to create awareness about a brand or product. It is part of the theoretical customer journey also called a “purchase journey.” 

TOFU helps marketers spread awareness, educate prospects, and create a buzz about a product, service or brand. Measuring TOFU activities also help to gain an understanding of your audience and the general marketing landscape. 

Most digital marketers publish content at the top of the funnel to reach a wide pool of potential customers. Some of the most popular TOFU activities include:

  • Blogs and custom landing pages
  • Promotional Advertising
  • Social media posts
  • SEO
  • Video marketing
  • Influencer marketing

It has very little to do with your products and services, and everything to do with your buyer’s interests and needs.

Elements of Top of the Funnel Activities:

Top of the funnel content attracts a larger audience that is interested in high-level topics associated with your business. It is both catchy, easily understandable, and useful to your buyers. That makes mid-funnel content:

  • Attention-grabbing
  • Highly engaging
  • Buyer centric
  • Visually appealing

Goals of Top of the Funnel Activities:

It is all about trying to get the attention of your target audience and convince them that your business provides significant value. Once your potential buyers start to think of your brand as a thought leader, they will be more willing to opt-in to receive communications from your business and access your insights. This exchange is based purely on value, and the goal of top-of-funnel content is to facilitate that exchange.

  • Educate your potential customers and drive awareness about your products and services
  • Generate leads