Retargeting is a concept of reminder messaging where the marketer targets the customer through a different channel if there is no engagement to the initial action. It’s a way to follow up and continue engaging with the customer even if the previous message didn’t get the desired response. For example, if a user opens your mobile app and adds a product to the cart but drops it off before completing the transaction, the brand can retarget the user by sending a cart abandonment reminder message on a different channel like an app push notification, email, SMS, or WhatsApp

For retention marketers, retargeting is about making the most of the available channels to ensure that users are engaged with information that they would find helpful. Effective use of the different communication channels is the key to cracking retargeting. Understanding the right instance to retarget the customers is crucial to improving customer engagement and retention. 

For the larger marketing world, retargeting refers to ‘follow up’ ads shown to cooked website visitors and known customers, to encourage them to return to your platform. The general goal is the same for everyone—to get the user to complete the action they failed to complete previously.