Remarketing (or retargeting) is the marketing technique of serving targeted ads to people who have already visited or taken some action on your website. Marketers typically do remarketing with the aid of technology, like using a javascript tag or pixel to place a cookie in a user’s browser. There are several remarketing tools that help marketers do remarketing with ease. 

Remarketing can be used to drive visitors further down the marketing funnel to increase conversions and purchases. Remarketing also helps to push more relevant content and ads to visitors based on their behavior, interest, or needs. 

For example, you can run cart abandonment ads by using the existing product view information of a user and club it with a customized offer or discount to re-engage and convert the users.

Here’s why remarketing should be in your marketing mix:

When a visitor visits your website, they are showing a moderate level of interest in your product or service. Remarketing reminds them of what they need, want, or have already seen. Here’s how remarketing can help you build your brand’s visibility: 

  • It helps personalize incentives to nudge visitors towards a conversion goal
  • Your ads become easily customizable and reach a broader audience
  • It gives the flexibility to customize your ad design
  • It enables you to run more targeted campaigns as remarketing is cost-efficient
  • Remarketing is known to not only remind users of their need but also in achieving higher conversions.
  • It helps you use easy to track remarketing ad campaigns and to refine customization
  • It helps you achieve higher conversion rates
  • It helps you achieve higher brand visibility